AD dance group

The AD dance group is made up of young, energetic and vibrant ladies. They have style and class of their own. The choreographer for the group is none other than the mighty Joseph Ntakha.

Youths join in masses

The message of the Alliance of Democrats has been working like charm on the younger generation. We have witnessed scores of young people joining the AD movement. These youths say they are tired of corruption and they want to see change.

Pre launch rally

Thousands of jubilant AD supporters attended a rally at Roma valley to hear the message of peace preached by honourable Monyane Moleleki. The overjoyed supporters sang Alliance of Democrats songs and chanted the "Peele Feela" slogan. The message preached was so fulfilling that people can't wait to hear more of the message on the 28-January-2017.


Peele Feela, Morao Ho Tletse!

Alliance of Democrats(AD) is driven by its strong vision for "A united, peaceful, people driven, democratic and prosperous Lesotho based on justice, rule of law, respect for human rights, good governance, zero tolerance to corruption and better life and equal opportunities for all citizens".

Upcoming Events

The launch rally at Ha Tikoe (Masowe)

A star rally will take place on the 28-01-2017 at Masowe. Here AD will be officially launched. A number of Artists will also perform and the line up include Areece, NaakMusiq, SdudlaNoma1000, DjSk, IngaHina, DjVesta, AfroDj, MonyaseDj, Majisto, SelimoThabane, RabotsoLeSemanyane, Sentso, HeartBreakers, Matlakeng, TebohoOaMachache, Sebili (MpateQhobosheane-ABC), DjTseko.

latest news

2 days ago

Dr Thabane and other exiled leader will arrive in few days to come! Keo taba!

5 days ago

The excitement of the new AD movement is just mind buckling!

3 days ago

AD would like to congratulate Bishop Sebastian Khoarai after being named the first Mosotho Cardinal by the Pope!